Horses Of The Sun

JUNE 2012 NEWS: Horses Of The Sun remains the #1 Top Rated Children's Horse Book on Amazon out of many hundreds of books in the genre.  Both Horses Of The Sun and the newly released Horses Of The Light have spent most of the last few months as two of the most popular children's horse books (by sales) on Amazon, often being #1 or #2 or #3 and almost always being in the Top Ten on the Best Selling 100 list.

APRIL 2012 - the second book in The Outback Riders series, Horses Of The Light, was released on April 27 and has quickly become one of the most popular books on Kindle in its genre.

JANUARY NEWS: Horses Of The Sun in the first weeks of January 2012 holds its position in the top ten horse books in the children's fiction section on Amazon out of over 400 books about horses, several times hitting #1, and made it to the top twenty out of over 30,000 children's books. It also made #1 several times in other sections of Amazon book sales.

The first two book in the series, The Outback Riders, are now available on Amazon as eBooks for buyers world wide. Horses Of The Sun is also available as a paperback through Amazon. 

You can download Horses Of The Light for $2.99 from Amazon by searching for it in the Amazon store or on your Kindle, or follow this link:  View e-Book version here.

You can download Horses Of The Light for $3.99 from Amazon by searching for it in the store or on your Kindle, or follow this link: View eBook version here  

You can also buy both books together in the one edition for $5.99: view eBook version here

For the e-books, if you don't have a Kindle, you can get a FREE Kindle reading app for your computer or iPhone or iPad, etc., which only takes a few minutes to download, from here:  Free Kindle reading App here.    There are over a million e-books to choose from, including tens of thousands of free books, so it is a great way to read.

 If you don't like opening links on websites, you can go to amazon.com and search for 'Horses Of The Sun' (both the e-book and print version should come up) or 'Horses Of The Light'.  You can also google up 'free kindle reading app' to find that free application.

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 A wonderful adventure story for children set in the outback of Australia. Also suitable for adults who like an inspiring story about the outback, horses and children achieving their dreams. Written by an English teacher/journalist who lived in the outback for many years.

Sunhaven Downs, a drought ravaged cattle station in outback Australia, is the home to Dane, Lani and Matthew Winter, three young outback riders whose lives centre around their horses. When their city cousin, Amy King, is left there for a year and declares that she hates horses, they know their lives are ruined. What they don't know is that Amy has a secret - a secret she is desperate to keep from her outback family, something that will ultimately save their lives - but not all of them - on the night the drought breaks.

This is the first book in The Outback Riders series which follows the lives of these four children as they grow up in the outback with their horses and go on to represent Australia in their chosen horse sports (eventing, jumping, reining and polocrosse). It is approximately 36,000 words or 100 print pages. Book Two, Horses Of The Light, will be released early 2012. 


 Four young teens and a ten year old are given permission to camp out on their outback Queensland property with their horses. They were hoping to have a few nights of fun tracking down the mysterious Min Min lights that had haunted the area for centuries but when three escaped prisoners stumble on their camp, the teens have to think hard and fast to outsmart the men or risk being kidnapped or killed. The excitement grows as the Outback Riders work desperately to escape from the clutches of the men who lived by violence, climaxing in a scene that will take your breath away and keep you reading page after page, unable to put the story down.

Following on the success of the first book in The Outback Riders series, "Horses Of The Sun", this book develops the characters further and you see the romance that starts to grow between Amy and Brandon which will last all their lives. "Horses Of The Light" takes you on an outback adventure with young people who dream of achieving so much, but who have to overcome many difficulties before their dreams come true. 

Written for the 8 - 15 age group, but enjoyed by adults who appreciate an exciting and intriguing story about life in outback Australia. 

Approximately 70,000 words.



In mid January 2012, the eBook Flame The Fire Horse and Other Horse Stories was released.  You can purchase it on-line at Amazon by clicking here.  Flame is a legendary outback stallion whose life is entwined with the fires that rage across the outback when the grass is dry - it was first written as a serial that ran in The Horse Magazine in Australia almost 25 years ago. The book also has four true stories about outback horses.